Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So as I said, they moved my egg capture appointment from Wednesday to Tuesday, and also had me come in on Monday for another blood draw.

Obviously the blood draw went alright, because I didn't hear anything different, so we went in for our egg capture this morning.

They had given me an instruction sheet for my egg capture, to give me directions on all the medications and then also reminding me that embryos are very sensitive to smells, so not to wear ANY scented products (including all lotions and deodorants) and also no jewelry, nail polish, make-up or personal belongings.  I made sure to follow ALL directions and we headed in early for our 7:00 am arrival time.

When I arrived, they led me to my recovery room, where I met with the anesthesiologist, and they started my IV. Soon after the medical assistant came and got me and led me to the procedure room where they positioned me, put on my EKG and started my "twilight sleep."  This time it only lasted for about 20 minutes, which ended up being about a quarter of the time it took last year.  When it was finished they woke me up, and wheeled me back to my recovery room.  I stayed for a little while and then they released me to go home.

Before they left Dr. Rychlik and Bryan the embryologist came in and said they captured 32 eggs.  They will call me tomorrow with a report of how they are doing and tell me how many were mature.  HOPEFULLY a few of them are mature, and will take fertilization.

We'll see tomorrow!! Until then, we're keeping our fingers crossed.


  1. **Hugs** girl! My prayers are with you for a positive outcome!


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