Thursday, June 17, 2010


This morning I had another ultrasound and more blood work done.

ULTRASOUND:  Everything is coming along good!! The lining of my uterus looks great.  Nice and thick and getting ready for a baby. We recounted the follicles and it looks like I have 18 on the right and 15 on the left!! They range in size from 10 to 14 mm and are at an average size 12 mm.  Dr. Rychlik told me that they grow at approximately 2 mm per day and he would like me to "Trigger" (cause an artificial spike in my luetenizing hormone to make me release the eggs) at 18-20 mm.  He is thinking I will probably trigger on Monday, but he is reserving the right to change his mind.  He told me that because he works with women all the time, he gets to reserve that right!! ;)

He also told me that he would like me to start my Ganerelix, the third injection, tonight.  Ganerelix is an injection that will hold off my bodies normal LH (leutenizing hormone) surge, which would cause a premature ovulation and we could loose the eggs.

Andy started his antibiotics yesterday, to make sure that any bacteria that could just be lingering around in his body is taken care of, and to make sure that his sample will not be contaminated. He will need to take them through the egg capture.

BLOOD WORK: My blood work seems to continue to stay on track.  They would like me to stay at the same dose of medication.  The estrogen number for last time was 263, and they usually like it around 300ish.  Rekha (the nurse practitioner) said it was doing just fine and this time they would like it to be around 500-600.  Andy did not get the actual number when he called in for results, hopefully I will remember to get it at the next appointment.

     Follistim Injection  150 IU
     Menopur Injection  225 IU
     Ganerelix Injection 250 mcg
     Prenatal Vitamin     1 daily
     Andy's Levaquin      1 daily

Overall I am still feeling pretty good.  I am still really tired and it is getting painful to move in certain directions.  Anytime I cough or sneeze, I have a friendly reminder of what is going on as well.  It's good for now.

My next appointment is on Saturday...
      We shall see what happens then.

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