Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today I went in for another appointment for (surprise, surprise,) ultrasound and blood work!! 

ULTRASOUND:  My follicles are looking good but have grown immensely since the last ultrasound and are measuring around 16ish mm.  I do still have some smaller ones that they would like to grow a little more, but I am definitely getting closer.  Everything in the uterus is still looking great as well.

BLOOD WORK: Originally after the ultrasound Rekha was thinking that they would like to recheck on Monday and then have me trigger Monday night.  When we were at the pharmacy waiting for Rekha to call and let us know definitively, we found out that my estrogen level more than doubled from last time and so they need me to trigger tomorrow night (Sunday) for a Tuesday morning egg capture.  Thursday appointment Estrogen 1381.  Today's Estrogen a little over 3300. They would like to see me to check my Luetenizing Hormone on Monday morning and make sure that everything is going well with the trigger injection.

Back to the Doctor's on Monday!!

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