Friday, June 25, 2010


Dr. Rychlik schedules the embryo transfers on a 3 or 5 day schedule, and they will call you on day 3 after the egg capture and let you know if they are going to do it that day, or wait 2 more days.

On day 3, we waited and waited and waited to get the call, then finally we gave up and called in around 11 to see what was happening.  Rekha, the nurse practitioner, and Brian, the embryologist, were in with patients and they would call us back as soon as possible.  Rekha did call back a little bit later and informed us that the eggs were doing fine, but there was no actual update on the eggs and that we would schedule the embryo transfer for day 5 (June 27, 2010.)

So still waiting, 2 more days...I think we will head to the aquarium to take our mind off it!!
So long for now, we're off to see the fishies!

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